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among the shadows dancing
beyond the mist that drifts between me and you
sheets of silk shimmering and twisting
I watch the road turning and I am lost
I feel your fingertips brush my skin
as an echo, a memory not yet formed
Your voice is the starlight of my dreams:
a precious thing, draped with soft cloth
appearing and vanishing among the trees
I turn round and cannot find you
a fluttering through the forest
a flickering on the hill
and then,
the owl begins to call down the twilight
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remind me which words are mine
which thoughts
which memories
which tears
I have become so weary
treading barefoot over long roads of broken glass
drifting silently on ebbing tides of desolation
the echoes of time interweave and leave me tangled
with crushed wings and empty eyes
remind me which songs to sing
remind me which words are mine
because I forget who I am
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Velocity II
there's a snapshot
on my wall
of a dream in orange
and chrome
an echo of your passion--
   your fire, cast in steel
how I'd love to take the wheel
to sweep along smooth silent curves,
empty stretches of fir-shadowed blacktop
surrendering to the power
that pushes us into the leather
but my heart's grown tired of joyrides
and that dream is already registered
in someone else's name
so I make this trip alone
with my snapshot
and the glimpse of you that lingers
in the mirror of my little car
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I hear your rolling thunder
you ride across the sky
lightning bolt in hand
your horse with flaming wings
I hear your crashing waves
you stride beneath the sea
forked staff in hand
your mermaids flash and shimmer
you have entered my mythology
my saga of the loved, the lost,
the ones known only from afar
ephemeral as the aurora
distant as the moon
you join the constellations in their stately march
as I listen for the echoes of your voice,
swan's feathers in my hands
:iconjanejane42:janejane42 0 0
it comes and goes, my love
comes and goes
the sweeping tide:
the sweet rush of blood beneath my skin
the swift burning tears
as the heat fades
I lie here, salt-stained
twined in thick folds
of corduroy
(neither coming nor going)
:iconjanejane42:janejane42 0 2
Magnetic No. 2
like a secret sound
slender and dark
it has the will to leave with my love
why can I not see
the full wild blossom
here inside this skin?
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another autumn creeps in
stealing my warmth, dimming my light
the cold air shivers across the hills
crystallizing the edges of the sky
here I walk, solemn, solitary
facing the blind emptiness of another barren winter
with no refuge, no comfort
only the silent chasm of the night
this is when I need you most
my fire, my passion, my soul
I need your arms to welcome me
your breath to warm my face
but I have only ghosts and echoes
to hold me here
wisps of smoke and blowing leaves
and lonely autumn skies
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dreams of madison canyon
just a shimmer at the surface
suggests the stirrings inside
then a shift, a shiver
down it comes crashing
rolling and rushing
the cascade sweeps on
roots and rocks flashing
the adventurer waits below
I tumble into his arms
wrapped tightly there
my blood pounds
the roaring rush pulls me under
I am buried
the valley floor:  a wasteland
the river's course pushed aside
thunder-echoes fade into the hills
silence is all that is left
above the disturbed soil
the wake of a landslide
:iconjanejane42:janejane42 0 0
a high north wind blows
whipping, whirling, skirling
an echo of highland pipes calling
across the twilight snows
the grey tower rises, alone
watching, reaching, hollow
clouds flow past, cold stars follow
the wind is a shiver, a moan
a long winter's night flows on
starlight, snowlight, and shadow
dreamfields lie stony and fallow
awake in my tower, I long for the dawn
:iconjanejane42:janejane42 0 0
Another Season
quiet wishes
of grey wings surround me
lost feathers float away on the soft ripples of the river
shadows of the faded
and empty hearts
desire falls blank and cold
though the sun blazes and burns
just inches away
cascades and crashes through me
hollow and echoing am I now
spinning away into nothing
like the melancholic harmony
of the water through the trees
the wind through the wheat
harvest will come
and the winter fields will lie silent beneath the sky
the forest will be alone, the river muted with frost
the reflections of you in me will be buried
in another year's detritus
another season's sorrow
:iconjanejane42:janejane42 1 0
Spring Haiku
wind like water moves
spring leaves answer sky's calling
squirrel eats his fill
cool and sweet the breeze
the evening falls so slowly
I wait for sunset
rosewood incense burns
sweet slow smoke drifts and dances
I see heaven there
:iconjanejane42:janejane42 1 0
Magnetic Poem I
like him,
with immense blue secrets
wanting evening-smelling skin
yet there is not a sound,
not liquid or dark,
it has all burned away
:iconjanejane42:janejane42 0 0
through the green-framed window of trees
the distant hills call
a cool, sweet respite
from your insistent magnetism
far, far away from this longing so
dangerously close to passion
my resolve wavers
a distant mirage of oceans in the desert
I fight to make my way south to dreams
against the compass of desire
:iconjanejane42:janejane42 0 0
Sea Change
even the sky is crying
it's been thunderstorms all day
though dawn was mist and shadow
moist air sweet with early rose
the clouds are low and comforting
a cool cloth over the fevered brow of the hills
the rain a slick disguise for the tears that fall
when you say goodbye
:iconjanejane42:janejane42 0 0
Well Met
who are you
that our souls should meet
this way
and find no soft words
or precious things to say
but to know
with this beating of my heart
we have not spent so much
of many lifetimes apart
three years in a span of eighty
is not much; just
enough for hearts and hands
and dreams to touch
:iconjanejane42:janejane42 2 0
The Sky Valley
in the foothills
the mist wraps around the trees
muting the moonlight
and the voice of the river they call Sky
in this valley
where man's iron horses
and the river's healing rush
run side by side to the city and the sea
from the angel's veil of the falls
from the shade of cedar and hemlock and fir
in the echoes of the Sky
you can hear whispers of the ocean
and when the comfort of the mist yields
to the still gray dawn and her sister, rain
I turn up my face and let the sky's tears
wash my own away
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